9 Top Trending Destinations For 2020

Josh Davey, November 28, 2019

Planning next year’s holiday?

If like me, the darkening winter months are getting you thinking about your next holiday or overseas adventure in 2020, you may wish to checkout the following destinations which are becoming increasingly attractive to a variety of different traveller demographics. I predict that the following places will become the top trending destinations of 2020 – and here’s why!


Vanuatu is the home of a South Pacific nation that is located nearly 2,000 miles east of Australia and consists of over 80 islands and more than 100 native languages! If you are a keen adventurer, there are an abundance of different activities to do here, including volcano hiking and scuba diving. The local people are known as some of the happiest in the world, and it is no wonder in this country of contrasts. In Vanuatu you can roam between remote villages and bustling modern cities, with the best time to visit being April to October, Vanuatu will surely put a smile on your face. Visitors regularly describe Vanuatu as a fantastic and top trending alternative to Fiji, for those that love sun and sea!

Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is Mexico's second-most populous city and is known for its impressive architecture, lively festivals, mariachi music and cultural museums. Jalisco (the state governing Guadalajara) is the birthplace of Tequila – both the town and the world-famous spirit! Visiting Guadalajara without spending time in Tequila is unthinkable (even those that don’t enjoy the drink can find visits to the plantations of blue agave utterly fascinating). There are various tour companies that run trips to this small and vibrant town, including the Tequila Express. Guadalajara is increasingly a top trending destination for those individuals with an interest in beer brewing and spirit distilling, with tequila and tequila cocktails growing in popularity throughout Europe.


Known for being a financial powerhouse, this hilly European country's capital, Luxembourg City, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. It's home to medieval castles and charming hill-top villages. But, if architecture and the great outdoors isn’t your thing, Luxembourg has quite the night life too! As a tiny country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is the location to soak up that glamourous European culture with bars and shops aplenty. Luxembourg is set to become a great alternative to lively Amsterdam! This top trending destination is ideal for those seeking the perfect weekend away... 

Eugene, Oregon, USA

Eugene is known for being a culinary hub, this mountain-surrounded city is home to a huge organic food scene. Eugene is one of the largest cities in Oregon and has all the features of a sizeable centre, such as impressive museums and a bustling feel. Some other things to check out in Eugene would be the Alton Baker Park and the Saturday Market. The Saturday market operates every Saturday between April and mid-November and is one of the best community gathering spaces in the city. With a combination of local artisan crafts, live music, and internationally inspired food, the Saturday Market brings together the many tastes and styles of Eugene. This is a top trending destination for foodies!

Xi’an, China

Xi'an is noted for being the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and its home to the famous Terracotta Warriors exhibit. Today, Xi’an is known as "China's outdoor museum" as they are set to introduce a whole new tourism program that will see 30+ night-tour routes throughout the city to highlight its rich and historical culture. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Xi’an is home to Mount Hua which offers a hiking trail – this is known to be one of the deadliest hikes in the world! This is top trending destination for those travellers who enjoy their history with a hint of danger!


Ranked No. 5 for ‘ecosystem vitality’, Romania is mainly known for its well-preserved medieval towns, fortified churches, plus, as a bonus for the horror buffs, the country is home to Bran Castle — more commonly known as Dracula's Castle (spooky). Something I’d personally like to see in Romania would be the mud volcanoes and ‘Living Fires’ of Lopatari. The Living Fires is a local phenomenon produced by gases forced from cracks in the earth which then catch fire spontaneously, creating a flaming spectacle. Romania is the top trending destination for those individuals seeking history and culture along with a splendid array of natural and geological sightseeing opportunities.

Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Sunbury is well known for its Victoria-era architecture and vineyards; great for a wine lover! This destination is also hosting the final match of the International Cricket Council's T20 World Cup next year. If you’re thinking of traveling to Australia and staying in Melbourne, be sure to check out Sunbury as it’s only around 40km north-west of Melbourne. This top trending destination is perfect for sports and wine lovers alike...Or ideally for those that like to watch sports whilst drinking wine! I’ll see you there!

Buriram, Thailand

Buriram means “city of happiness”! The name is certainly apt for those seeking to lift their spirits. Buriram houses some of the most ancient relics in the whole of Thailand, as well as being known for its beautiful landscapes and rich, cultural monuments. These include the Khao Kradong Forest Park and Wat Khao Angkhan Temple. If you’re into motorbike racing, you’ll be pleased to know that next year, the province is set to host the MotoGP racing event at the Chang International Circuit! Of course this makes Buriram one of the top trending destinations for motorsport fans worldwide.

Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao won European City of the Year back in 2018, and for a good reason. As well as being home to a Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is home to a lively restaurant scene and stunning architecture, this city has rapidly ascended the rankings to becoming one of the most trendy hotspots in all of Spain. If you are an enthusiastic sightseer, heading up to the Artxanda Mountain might be a good idea. High above the city, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best views of Bilbao, as well as taking walks around the top of the mountain (the perfect counter for the wine and tapas you have consumed throughout the day).

Let’s get booking!

This is the perfect time to start thinking about where you want to visit on your holidays next year. Many travel agents offer early bird deals and before the vacation season gets under full swing you will have your pick of flights and accommodation options. So which of these destinations will I personally be visiting next year?  I’m dreaming of heading to Guadalajara, Mexico, all aboard the Tequila Express! Which of these destinations appeals to you the most?

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