Considering Corporate Housing? Bear in mind these 4 factors…

Whether you are going on a business trip, moving for a short-term project or relocating on a more permanent basis, the quality of your accommodation can be the deciding factor in whether an assignment is a success. With continuous expansion within the Corporate Housing sector, the number of accommodation options available is on the increase. As a result, before making the big move, it is vital to research what the best fit will be for you. By considering the factors below, you can ensure that you choose not only affordable housing, but accommodation that meets your specific needs…

1. Lease Options

Often, work assignments are fairly flexible in nature and an exact end date may not have been finalised, so the duration that an employee is required to relocate for can vary. As a result, standard lease terms that operate on a 6 or 12 month basis are not always a suitable choice. Therefore, it is important to research temporary accommodation options that offer a month-to-month alternative so that you do not find yourself paying rent on a property that you no longer require.

2. Reviews

There is no better way to get an accurate representation of a Corporate Housing Organisation than to speak to those who have utilised these services themselves. It is useful to speak to friends, colleagues, contacts and acquaintances to gain their opinion on a particular Corporate Housing Organisation as often it is only when you have moved into a property and the service commences, that certain considerations that you may have overlooked can become an issue. It is also worth visiting review websites and asking for opinions within online forums so that you can gain an honest perspective on the facilities available before making an informed decision.

3. Location

When you work hard all day, the last thing you need is added stress outside of working hours too! As a result, it is important to research housing options that are available in your desired area to ensure that you can easily access everything you may need in your day-to-day life. Travelling around a city, local transport links play a crucial role, therefore it is worth researching the closest bus, train or road routes near your chosen accommodation to ensure that you can gain easy access from A to B. In addition, it is wise to consider where the nearest supermarket, restaurants, parking and other useful facilities are located so that you can spend less time commuting and more time socialising, relaxing and winding down after work.

4. Costs

The direct costs of renting a property will vary depending on the length of your stay; however, it is vital to research any additional costs that will be involved. For example, some Corporate Housing providers will charge extra for Electricity, Gas and other utilities and the resulting bill may come as an unexpected surprise if you do not check before signing your rental agreement! Likewise, there may be extra services on offer that can be purchased at a further cost. It is therefore wise to determine a budget and to set yourself a spending limit before starting a rental search in earnest.

Although finding accommodation can be stressful, by ensuring these key 4 factors are taken in to consideration, you can greatly improve your chances of finding Corporate Housing that not only meets your daily requirements, but that is also within your price range.

Written by Gabriella Vianello – Executive Assistant at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions