Corporate Housing: the added extras and upgrades


Corporate Housing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for temporary accommodation, particularly for the business traveller, with promises of comfortable home from home living at a competitive price.  The USP of Corporate Housing often reflects that some hotels can give off a clinical and transient feeling to exhausted occupants, whereas, corporate housing offers more private and spacious surroundings with greater flexibility during your stay. The main benefits of this are the increased productivity of the business traveller and the subsequent greater return on investment for their employer.

High Expectations

As the Corporate Housing sector has developed, so have the expectations and requirements of the consumer.  Some of these expectations have become standard services but there are serviced accommodation companies that will go above and beyond to offer extravagant luxuries to meet the ever-increasing demands of clients. Savvy service providers are increasingly utilising these opportunities to upsell upgraded additional services. Here are some the extras on offer:

Private Concierge

‘Meet and Greet’ concierge services are frequently offered – clients enjoy the benefit of stress-free travel during the duration of their stay, taxis or chauffeured vehicles organised by the vendor are available 24/7 to transport resident clients to and from their destinations.  In addition, housing representatives will meet the client at the property and give a guided tour of the facilities and other amenities in the local area.

Cleaning Services

It is standard to expect that the property you are renting will be cleaned before and after your stay.  However, keeping the property clean during your stay, especially if it is extended, can prove to be a bit of a chore.  Providers frequently offer daily cleaning services to ensure the property is maintained throughout the duration of your visit.  This may include laundry and ironing services on top of the general cleaning of the property and can include daily bed-making and taking out the trash.

Executive Chefs

It is standard to expect a fully equipped kitchen as part of a corporate house booking, providing the user with the facilities to cook and eat whatever they want, whenever they want during their stay.  However, some corporate housing providers are now offering the services of a private chef to come into the property and prepare meals.  This gives the client the benefit of bespoke or tailored menus to suit their palate or individual dietary requirements without the trouble of home cooking.

Home Entertainment

Televisions and complimentary Wi-Fi are generally included as standard when booking a corporate property; but due to growing demand, service providers are increasingly offering upgraded technology packages including cable tv, full home office setups, superfast broadband, LCD television sets and even video games consoles to improve the quality of the stay. One contact told me he was provided with a virtual reality headset for the latest gaming fun during downtime!

Outdoor Spaces

The types of properties now being offered within the Corporate Housing sector are more diverse than ever before.  Entire houses or cottages can now be rented to suit individual clients and their family’s needs.  Outdoor space is becoming increasingly sought after, not only as a space for children to enjoy, but also as an entertaining space for business clients and associates.  Such spaces may include patios, barbeque facilities and, in some cases, private swimming pools or hot tubs.

Unlimited Possibilities

In today’s Corporate Housing market it seems possible to add almost anything to your booking for an additional fee. As well as the services I have listed, other extras include private parking, travelling pet facilities and welcome packages of fruit baskets, fine wines and spirits. I have also heard of resident clients receiving pamper packages inclusive of visiting beauticians and massage therapists. Your wishes are command of the Corporate Housing service provider (for a price)!

Written by Steven Squibb – Recruitment Consultant – Corporate Housing, Property & Relocation at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.