How is Corporate Housing going green?

Hospitality issues

Climate change and the environment are global concerns. The hospitality industry has a huge environmental impact with vast amounts of waste generated, energy used, and disposable consumables. Many Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment providers are aware of their responsibility to the planet, with leading firms expressing that they are willing to do their part in going green.  So what can providers do to decrease the industry’s carbon footprint?

A better option than hotels…

A major selling point for Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartments is that they are already eco-friendlier than a hotel. The energy consumed within the properties or apartments is far less than a hotel, for example, lights don’t need to be left on in the lobby or reception area, as well as not having the daily maid or cleaning service which results in the use of far less laundry. There are also far fewer staff onsite, whose daily commutes to work would also contribute negatively.

Environmental policies

Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment providers are also putting environmental policies in place. Soap bars are being supplied (removing the need for liquid soap, shampoo or conditioner bottles), traditional lightbulbs are being swapped for eco-efficient alternatives and recycling facilities are being made available onsite. Solar panels are being installed on the roofs of properties where possible and low flow toilets and showers can also be used to reduce wasted water.

Greener transport options

Corporate Housing providers are also encouraging the use of public transport for assignees, providing all timetables and information to allow service users to get around, or offering tenants the use of bicycles. Laundry services are being assessed and reduced based on their carbon footprints, and greener suppliers are being selected. Diesel cars have been replaced with electric vehicles for concierge services and providers are proudly promoting environmental awareness.

Weighing up cost vs benefit

The obvious benefit of making these changes is the reduced impact of Corporate Housing on the environment, but, providers that are new to the concept of ‘green living’ may initially be concerned that green practices will be expensive to implement and maintain. However increasing numbers of suppliers are acknowledging customer desires for energy-efficient options, meaning services are increasingly affordable. Reducing energy usage and wastage also results in reduced utility bills.

Selling a green service

Corporate housing providers should not underestimate the demand for ethical housing options – corporate clients want to be seen to be green, so offering an environmentally-conscious option for corporate accommodation can make the overall corporate rental offering more attractive (and therefore more profitable)! Ultimately going green gives Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment providers another selling point with which to attract new business.

Written by Charlotte Luck – Senior Recruitment Consultant – Corporate Housing Services at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.