HSBC Expat Explorer Survey Tool

From the 2014 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, HSBC have created the Expat Explorer tool, a source of fantastic information for anyone considering assignment abroad for themselves or for employees.

HSBC already have a dedicated expat service, for which they provide specialists in wealth management, multicurrency products and the tax efficiencies of investing and saving offshore. Their unique internet banking service, ‘Global View’ provides a fast and simple link between all of your HSBC accounts, and their team of specialists ensure that all expats are prepared for the challenges of living and working abroad.

The Expat Explorer tool is yet another addition to HSBC’s range of expat services. Derived from the data drawn in from the annual HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the tool presents a variety of customizable info graphics that demonstrate the differences between expat life in different countries. Whether you would like to compare countries graphically or in a table, the tool allows you to do just this, as well as being able to read in depth the information gathered from the survey. For each country you can find hints and tips from current and past expats, as well as seeing rankings for which country is best for expat life. Three distinct categories of ‘economics’, ‘experience’ and ‘raising children’ offer results from a range of questions varying from ‘household income’ to ‘environment’.

The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey tool also provides in-depth articles about key aspects of expat living. For example in 2014 Japan was the safest place to raise children, and Vietnam and Thailand had some of the most affordable accommodation. Whether interested in the financial or lifestyle benefits of international assignment, the HSBC Expat Explorer tool answers nearly every question you’d have about life as an expat.

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