Relocating abroad? These 5 tips are essential!

Multitudes of people relocate abroad each year, but many do not feel prepared before the move and can take a long time to settle in when they arrive at their new destination… Feeling home sick or experiencing culture shock can certainly delay your progress in a new location.

Whether you are relocating 100 miles or 10,000 miles the transition can be made easier for both yourself and your family if you plan ahead and are organised! Below are our top 5 tips that can help those who are moving get settled in…

1. Explore in advance

To help you feel comfortable in your new destination take the time to visit and explore the local area. Spend a weekend in your new destination getting to know the place, ideally before you move.

Once you are in your new destination, familiarise yourself with vital local amenities including your local grocery store, gym, petrol station, shopping centre, transport links, health centres and banks.

2. Unpack your essentials

When moving it is easy to believe you will unpack all of your belongings the same day! Realistically it can take weeks (sometimes longer) depending on how much stuff you are taking with you. Pack smartly to ensure your essentials are easily accessible after the move.

Essentials might include cooking utensils, clothes, bed linen and toiletries. If you are moving with children unpack their room and toys first to ensure as little disruption as possible. Unpacking familiar decorative pieces such as pictures, cushions and rugs will make it feel more like home.

3. Meet the locals

If you have relocated for a new job speak with your colleagues – they will be likely to have handy tips about your new destination (the top places to explore on the weekends)!

Try making an effort to speak with your neighbours. Ask them what they do in their spare time or ask them to give their recommendations on the best local restaurants?

4. Get social

Getting to know others in your local community will give you the opportunity to make friends and connect with your new neighbourhood; joining clubs or groups aligned with your hobby’s and interests is a great way to approach new people.

Another way to learn more about your local community is to get online. Many towns and cities have their own social media groups with all the latest news and events from your area.

5. Learning the local language

Depending on where you move and your current language skills, it is recommended that you learn the local language – of course, do not expect to become fluent immediately! Start as soon as possible way in advance of the move, even a few key phrases will benefit you greatly.

Remember! Moving locations should be an exciting experience, there will be some issues along the way but embrace the change and enjoy this new adventure in your life!

Written by Amber Pittard – Global Account Manager at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions