The Best Locations for Digital Connectivity

Most of us are technology obsessed, from mobile phones to laptops and tablets we like to be connected for work and play, anywhere, anytime… We love our reliable WiFi and 5G… If you are considering relocating but aren’t ready for a ‘digital detox’ or are looking for a destination that is a strong contender in the age of technology, then these are the locations for you (along with a few to avoid from a tech standpoint) according to the International Expat Insider 2018 Survey.

If high-speed internet at home is important to you then South Korea is the place to be. 98% of expats surveyed are generally satisfied (and 76% were completely satisfied) with their connectivity at home – perfect for those who are planning to catch up on their favourite TV shows from home. Taiwan, Finland and Romania also fare well in this category, with over 90% of expats in these locations saying that they were satisfied with their internet speed and connectivity.

Top of the polls for unrestricted access to internet services are Estonia, Norway and Israel – less than 1% of expats were unhappy about access to online services and social media. If you’re a fan of social sites such Twitter and Instagram, or streaming services like Netflix, you may want to reconsider any plans to relocate to China. Unsurprisingly, China lives up to its reputation for having the strictest internet censorship in the world, coming in last for user satisfaction out of all the countries included.

Cashless payment methods are common in the UK, with smart phone pay apps becoming increasingly popular. Likewise, expats in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway all agree that cashless payment options are favourable. However, if you prefer a wallet bulging with notes and coins, countries in the Nordic region are ideal. In Germany, 35% of expats found it hard to make cashless payments, making it the only European destination in the bottom 10.

If you’re looking to relocate to a country that has it all technology and ‘digital-wise’, you should consider Estonia. Coming first overall in the Digital Life category, one American expat gave it a glowing review; “Estonia is amazing. There’s not a country in the world that has embraced the future and digital revolution so completely”. This Northern European country boosts great connectivity and access to online services including social media. Congratulations Estonia!

How is fast is the internet and connectivity in your country? Do you feel access to online services is adequate? Please feel free to share your own ‘digital-story’.

Written by Sophie Watkins – Recruitment Consultant & Special Projects at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.