Relocating to China – the Big Advantages

Relocating to China is a decision filled with opportunities. As a country with the largest population of over 1.33 billion people (almost a quarter of the world’s population) it is a vibrant, bustling place bursting with culture, history and innovation.

China, which has been under Communist rule since 1949, is undergoing massive change and revival in both its social and economic infrastructure. The road and train systems have been dramatically improved, and the economy as a whole is rapidly developing day by day while Europe declines. Asia is ripe with opportunity for international companies. This opportunity is only increased by the stable currency, with little fluctuation and plenty of security. Labour rates are low, import duties are comparably cheap and the market is open for trade.

One of the greatest aspects of business in China is the strong support of local government. In smaller cities, if your company is one of the best and largest employers in that area, the local government will provide strong support: this can include welcoming investment and going the extra mile to help you develop, whether in the form of approvals, bank loans or limiting any hassle from bureaucrats. There are also very few labour unions and labour demands in China, so for any manufacturing company, production is rarely hindered.

As well as for established companies however, relocating to China can provide possibly the most benefit to those at the start of their careers. Throughout America and Europe it is often difficult to find a good quality job with limited experience, but in China this isn’t a problem. Immersing yourself in the local Chinese culture, learning a new language and allowing your career to soar over there, boosts all employment opportunities around the world. That’s if you ever want to leave.

The language barrier often deters many people, but while 70% of the population do speak Mandarin, English is becoming increasingly important as a business language. Learning a new language might be a challenge, but for a stable and comfortable living it’s more than worth it.

With costs of living comparatively lower than America or Europe, and expat salaries often considerably higher than locals, lifestyle in a bustling Chinese city can be extremely vibrant and enjoyable. Although the change in culture might take getting used to, if you’re willing to adapt and embrace the differences, relocating to China can be a decision you will never regret and an experience you will never forget.

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