Thinking ahead? Check out these dream retirement destinations!

After a long tenure of working hard throughout your career, is there any idea quite as appealing as retiring overseas with dreams of a permanent holiday lifestyle? For many senior citizens relocating abroad is the ultimate way to spend their golden years.

British retirees commonly favour relocation to warmer climates, escaping the famously grey British weather… 41% of British citizens living in Spain are of retirement age, similarly, 39% of retired Brits make up Portugal’s British population. What other locations are popular? Check out this list:


Malta is a popular location for Britons moving abroad and who can blame them? Malta has sun, the tranquil sea and is very safe. The average temperature is 19ᵒC, with highs of 31ᵒC in July, and is perfect for escaping the UK’s April showers. English is an official language of Malta with 90% of the population speaking English, which means you needn’t worry about miscommunication.


Panama is extremely beautiful with stunning beaches, mountains and rainforests. There is a property tax exemption and retirees are often offered large discounts on everything from cinema tickets to phone bills. Cost of living is low; in certain places you can grab a pint of beer for just £1 (great news for thirsty Brits). With perks like this Panama seems the perfect place to settle into your retirement.


Australia has everything to offer a Brit looking to retire; fantastic weather, a plethora of outdoor activities and the familiarity of home due to the English speaking, western culture. Whether you want to spend your days exploring the beautiful natural ecosystems of Australia (or you want to sample a variety of delicious wines), there is something for every retiree in Aus!


It probably won’t take much convincing to encourage the retired community to relocate to Barbados… This Caribbean island is also a Commonwealth country of which English is the official language, with the added bonus of regular sunshine. On top of this Barbados has low property tax and low costing healthcare, along with famous Bajan kindness and hospitality.


Do you want to view breath-taking scenery, visit amazing temples and enjoy amazing cuisine? Then Thailand maybe the perfect retirement spot for you! The cost of living is fairly low, and the retirement visa procedure is very simple as the ‘O-A’ (retirement) Visa gives multi-entry access for 12 months and is renewable annually.

What is your dream retirement destination?

Written by Sofie Finemore – Associate Consultant – Global Mobility & Expatriate Services at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions