Top foods British Expats will miss abroad

One of the best things about moving abroad is having the opportunity to try exciting new things; meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and exploring new cuisines. Trying wonderful new foods can be the highlight of any trip, we can wistfully dream of traditional schnitzels in Austria, escargot in France and the beautiful pasta dishes of Italy. Strangely enough, and somewhat less elegantly, I have noted amongst my friends’ popular foods that are seemingly impossible to locate whilst us Brits are away. It is my pleasure to share these delicacies with you as listed below:


It’s hard to think of anything more British than a good old cup of tea. Regardless of the day’s events we can always seek comfort in the nation’s favourite drink. A whopping 68% of Brits drink two or more cups a day! Whatever your brand of choice, it can be hard to track down a box of your favourite teabags in overseas supermarkets. In fact, a recent survey showed that around 55% of British travellers confessed to taking teabags with them when going abroad. We are obsessed!

Yorkshire Puddings

Tea isn’t the only great thing to come from our beloved Yorkshire, we all know that no Sunday roast dinner can be complete without a Yorkshire pudding; yet, with frozen food producer ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ only residing in the UK it may be harder for British expats to perfect their Sunday roast. For those that aren’t aware, Aunt Bessie’s produce a popular brand of premade Yorkshire puddings and ready-made mixes – meaning Brits abroad will be forced to make their own or go without.


Mention Marmite and you can almost hear national divide; half of us are addicted and half of us disgusted. Whether you “love it or hate it” there is no denying Marmite’s presence in the UK food market. It seems that Marmite lovers are not willing to give up the savoury spread when moving abroad (where its popularity is often severely reduced). In 2017 London City Airport reported that this was the most common food item confiscated from hand luggage for violating liquid limits…

Baked Beans

Baked beans are another British favourite with over two thousand tonnes consumed in the UK each year! Is there anything more versatile than beans on toast? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or even a midnight snack? Brits are notoriously fussy about the brand of their beans with Heinz, Branston and an array of other ‘bean-makers’ attracting a loyal fan base and subsequently causing traveller frustration when they cannot track down their preferred brand of baked beans overseas.

Cadbury’s Chocolate

From ‘Creme Eggs’ to ‘Curly Wurlys’ and ‘Flakes’ it is difficult to imagine walking into a British supermarket or news agent without a delicious display of Cadbury’s chocolate. Cadbury’s heritage dates back to John Cadbury’s chocolate shop established in Birmingham in 1824. Although Cadbury’s brand is available globally, different countries receive different recipes and flavours, resulting in some Brits missing their favourite Cadbury classics whilst travelling away from the UK.

Monster Munch

For those that have not encountered ‘Monster Munch’ before, this is a well-known baked crispy snack in the UK, made from corn. The snacks are shaped like monsters’ clawed feet. Many a nostalgic Brit will face cravings for the classic flavours of Roast Beef and Pickled Onion. Monster Munch snacks were launched in Britain in 1977 as “The Prime Monster” (a play on “The Prime Minister”) before being renamed “Monster Munch” – another product Brits will miss whilst abroad.

Are there any classic treats from your home country which you miss when travelling abroad?

Written by Sofie Finemore – Global Recruitment Resourcer – Global Mobility & Expatriate Services at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.