Top tips for relocating at Christmas

Do people relocate at Christmas?

The answer is yes! Although the summer months are typically the most popular time of the year for people to relocate, surprisingly, the Christmas holiday season is also a very popular time of the year to make a move! Many household goods removals companies operate up to and including Christmas Eve to accommodate this. The New Year is always a busy time for people turning over a new leaf and making fresh starts via new jobs – so perhaps this could be something to do with increased demand for the relocation industry over the festive season?

Planning your move at Christmas

The Christmas holiday period is always a busy time of year (even without the stress of a big relocation)! Some firms have reduced staff and there are usually thousands of people travelling for the holiday season. You should expect delays at airports on the roads and railways and set aside additional time for this.   You will need to be exceptionally organised to relocate this time of year, but it can be done successfully with a bit of planning.

Top Tips

Weather Forecasts – Regularly check weather forecasts so you can keep abreast of challenging weather which can make your journey or the journey of your goods in transport more difficult and time consuming. Make sure you have suitable clothing with you for all likely weather conditions, readily available, so that you and your family can cope with the upcoming weather both in your home location and new destination whilst the bulk of your wardrobe may be in storage or transport.

Change of Address – You will need to let all your family and friends know of the details of your new address, so why not write and send out your Christmas Greeting cards early with the new address details enclosed. This way you will not miss out on any cards and gifts being sent to you over the holiday.

Contact Utility Suppliers – As soon as you know your moving date contact your utility providers and remember to set up a postal redirection where available. Remember that utility providers may also run reduced staffing over Christmas so to prevent delays with providers closing off existing services or starting new ones, contact them well ahead of time to make them aware of your relocation.

Pack Fresh Linen – Travelling can be exhausting, particularly after festive delays. To save time making up beds in your new home, you can put pillowcases on pillows and duvet covers on duvets then add bed sheets and pack one set of each in a clearly marked box. This will ensure your family is well rested upon arrival and ready to leap out of bed with excitement on Christmas morning!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Christmas is celebrated very differently around the globe. For your first Christmas in your new location aim to take as many of your family traditions with you as possible and perhaps try to incorporate some local traditions as well to embrace your new location, acknowledging that you are ready to welcome the new experiences that come with relocation.

Pack a Christmas Box – If moving domestically it’s a good idea to buy non-perishable Christmas Food to take with you. There may be some special festive treats (like particular chocolates or puddings) that are unavailable in your new host country so why not bring them along?

Christmas Tree – An artificial Christmas tree which has already been decorated before packing is a great time saver when you arrive at your new home, just take it out of the box and you’re all set – saving you time trying to locate Christmas ornaments and tinsel amongst all the other boxes (do remember to clearly mark the packing box)!

Christmas Gifts – If you are buying and sending Christmas gifts internationally, it is a brilliant idea to order gifts online from suppliers in the countries where recipients live for easy delivery. Gifts for the family can be bought well in advance and wrapped and packed in a clearly marked Christmas Present box. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your new home just in time for Christmas! You only need to unpack your essential items, fresh bed linen, Christmas Presents and Festive Food. Put up your ready-decorated Christmas Tree and enjoy the holidays with your family. Everything else can be unpacked and sorted out afterwards! After all the stress you deserve to put your feet up and relax!